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Training in Couples Therapy for Professionals

A Comprehensive Course in Mindfulness-Based
Couples Therapy

Rob Fisher, MFT 
This workshop will provide maps and tools to work effectively with couples, utilizing mindfulness and experiential exercises.  Covering both assessment and intervention, you will learn how to  identify and change a couple’s negative interactive cycles, as well as  the underlying emotional wounds that cause them.  

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools in couples counseling. It assists  them to gently access and talk about deep levels of delicate material  that underlie the repetitive patterns in which they become mired. 

Working experientially and somatically adds significant depth, impact and aliveness for therapist and client  alike. Instead of simply talking about things, couples experience them  directly and therefore gain deeper insight as well as tools for change. 

 In this training you will learn: 

• Specific experiential principles and techniques in couples therapy  
• How to apply mindfulness with couples to uncover implicit beliefs that color the relationship.   
• How to engage each partner’s innate resources.  
• Recognizing attachment issues that underlie more superficial problems 
• How to join deeply and create safety and support with each partner in their immediate experiences.  
• Maps for assessing couples dynamics and systems, and each partner’s contributions.  
• How to befriend and utilize individual defensive responses.  
• How to track somatic signals to access unconscious relational material.  
• How to design clinical experiments that go both to the heart of the issue, and the hearts of the partners.  
• How to create the emotional field needed to increase vulnerability and bring partners closer to each other.

Online Training

I also offer a full online training addressing the same content, complete with video talks, demos and exercises for those of you who find that more convenient because of time, location or preference.  

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Others trainings and workshops will be announced as they are scheduled.