Rob Fisher, MFT license # MFT 22886      

   "Psychotherapy is the gentle unfolding of the soul" - Jon Lonsbury

If You Forget


If you forget how beautiful you are

I will remember


I will remember your barefoot connection to the earth,

The risks you have taken.

And the compassion in your heart


I will remember the courage of your questions.

And the tiny wrinkles that make your bright and shining eyes

So welcoming.


I will remember how you shine in your enthusiasm,

Your delicate embarrassment,

The passion and serious intensity

Behind your words.


If you forget,

Come with me.

There is a path I know

High up on the mountain

And deep in the core of the rich black earth

Where we can drink together

From the pool of your tears,

And listen as the mountains echo

With the sound of your laughter


If you forget,


I will taste,

One more time

The deep dark sweetness of your soul,

That wonderful essence that belongs only to you.


If you are tired,

Come rest in the warmth of my hands

and I will whisper

Stories of your greatness

in your ears.


Oh, how I am intoxicated by the flavors of your soul.

Rob Fisher

Philosophy of Psychotherapy

I believe that a therapist should be a friend of your soul.  I am dedicated to providing a relationship and an environment where you can unfold your own uniqueness - a landing pad for your spirit

Photo by Dylan Fisher

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